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Turnkey Solutions

Full turn key packages from CAD to production for:-

Our Turnkey packages are optimised for minimum test time - incorporating customer preferences as required. They are verified before delivery on our test systems using Allfault and data logging then reviewed with DataDisplay to verify reliable performance using cpk.

We are also able to use the Teradyne unique BackDrive reporting and monitoring tool prior to delivery. Any nets which are being back driven during in-circuit testing are reported.
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Fixture supply

Fixtures range from single-sided vacuum through to double-sided, dual level pneumatic. Fixture verification is available to ensure that the fixture works first time on delivery.

We can also provide a refurbishment service for those fixtures which have tested a large volume, extending the life to an almost new test fixture.
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In-circuit programming

We are able to offer In-Circuit In System Programming (ISP) of FPGA's PIC's and Micro controllers.

We are able to program all devices which use SVF vector format which includes:-

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Flash Programming Data Load

We have extensive experience of programming a variety of Flash devices such as Spansion Nand, Nor, One Nand devices.

Our solutions are all based around the Teradyne DSM which allows optimum programming of Flash device on your test systems.

Given that using a DSM produces programming times which tend to be limited by the programming time of the device, we can also provide serialisation, variable load, Endian/byte swapping as part of the flash load as well as sector erase/locking and secure locking where required.
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Boundary Scan

We have extensive experience of Boundary Scan testing using JTAG 1149/1157.

We are able to provide Basic Scan, JTAG Cluster and Symphony test vectors for any device with a proven BSDL.
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Functional testing at ICT.

We can provide functional testing within the available test system resource.

The solution will use dual level test fixtures where necessary to allow functional testing.
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Cluster testing

Where test access is reduced, we can provide analogue cluster test with appropriate diagnostics messages.

We can also produce digital cluster tests to overcome some lost access situations as well as being able to extend this approach using JTAG port to control nets within a design without access.
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Delivery locations

We can deliver anywhere in the world.

To date, we have delivered to clients in China, Thailand, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Hungary - as well as closer to home in Ireland and the UK.

Our delivery times are typically based on one day on-site extending to two days for larger and more complicated test solutions such as where Flash loads are interacting with external databases.
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Custom integrated programming

With the rapid changes in programming devices Test System Vendors cannot produce solutions for the multitude of devices appearing today.

We have developed a number of integrated programming solutions for devices including:-

These give a single point control of all programming in the production process which allows for a minimum inventory of pre-programmed devices whilst allowing full flexibility for multiple variants of a product. It also creates the added benefit of minimising the effort needed to implement product updates.
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Access Reports

We are able to take your Cad Data, BOM and Schematics and provide an access report for the design.

We will report the number of nets accessed and the expected size of the test probe and will advise if there are sufficient power injects points to reliably test the design.

Where there may be a small percentage of nets without access, we can advise on the impact and possibility of cluster testing and will also highlight nets which have a significant impact on board testing such as JTAG net TMS.
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Design for test reviews of designs to maximise benefits of ICT.

We are able to take your Cad Data, BOM and Schematics and process this information though to test program generation.

We will report the testability of the design and where testable the strategy used to test each device.

We will advise the test system resource required to test the design and an estimate of the test time and fault coverage.

Should a solution subsequently be ordered a discount is given for the Turnkey solution as a percentage of the DFT cost.
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Migrating 227x test solutions

We are able to offer 227x to TS12x test program migration.

We able to supply a 227x adaptor to allow re-use of existing test fixtures. Programs are migrated and debugged to the same standard as our Turnkey utilising, where appropriate, features of the TS12x test
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JTAG Technologies Bench Testing

We have a fully licensed JTAG Technologies bench test development platform.

We have extensive experience of JATG Technologies test program development as well as extensive experience of Victory JTAG tool.

We have produced a number of solutions requiring custom interface PCBs to allow testing of the design. We are able to develop test vectors on the bench and port these to the TS12x test system and can either provide GO/NOGO test or Symphony test vectors generating failure diagnostics.
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Alternative test techniques

We have extensive experience of alternative test techniques such NAND tree, XOR etc.

We are able to produce test vectors for these devices from the data sheet information where the relevant technique is used.
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On site program support and enhancement

We provide on-site support which, on a daily basis, can range from line support to investigation and resolution of problematic test situations being encountered during production test.
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Applications training

We are able to offer Level 1 programming training courses.

These can either be carried out on-site, or at our Reading office, using our GR2287 or TS124 Ultra Pin systems.

We also offer an operator level training course. This is normally delivered on-site using the customer's own system and test programs and can be specifically tailored to the customer's requirements.

We are also able to provide D2B training to allow customers to get the most from this tool. This can either be a user course - for day-to-day test debug support - or full data prep from Cad Data to output ready for ATG.
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