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A team of 6 experienced programmers all with fully licensed laptops
Fully licensed TS124 Ultra pin, 2560 D/S, DSM, ICA, SFTM, AFTM, Frame Scan
Fully licensed GR2287 3584 D/S, DSM, ICA, AFTM, Frame Scan
Fully Licensed JTAG Technologies development platform 37x Datablaster

Products Supported

We can support a wide range of products as follows:-

Remote Support

We are also able to provide remote support to clients using Citrix secure access GoToMyPC.

This allows us to remotely drive your test system to resolve potentially line-stopping situations without the time impact of having to physically travel to your site. Not only can this give substantial savings on downtime in production, it also reduces the cost overhead of support staff travelling to site.

Needless to say, this ability to access your system is wholly controlled by you, the customer.




proud to be a Teradyne TSN member
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